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Obsessed? Maybe.
Passionate? Without a Doubt!

We build better experiences, encourage better engagement, and we take the time,
energy, and attention to invest in the nuances.


Simple + Effective

Minicucci + Associates Advertising Inc. is a Niagara-based creative design agency that creates memorable brand awareness and builds consumer desire for your products or services. By developing the exact mix of creative design, advertising and marketing strategies, we have assisted in the exponential growth of hundreds of successful and iconic clients throughout Ontario since 1979.

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Specific Expertise

We become your key strategic creative partner that provides you with effective
advertising and marketing solutions that gets results.

We provide specialization in these areas:
 Branding + Logo Design
New Home/Condo Real Estate Marketing
Creative Video Production
Advertising + Print Design/Production
Web + Digital Design
Signage/Displays + Outdoor Advertising
Creative + Marketing Consulting

Complete the contact form below for a personal consultation and full portfolio review.


With the highest regard to client confidentiality, we do not publish client work for public viewing. We do encourage scheduling a personal consultation where we will present our extensive portfolio of work and have a throrough discussion on your specific advertising, design and marketing requirements. 

 Please call or complete the contact form to arrange a portfolio review and consultation.

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